Corn on the Cobb Fest!

I look forward to this fair every summer! It is one of my favorite things that, in my mind, epitomizes summer. 

We go as a family every year and even and have gone for about the past 13 or 14 years (we were trying to figure out when we started so that’s the best guesstimate)

It’s in a small town about a half hour away from my hometown and it’s a fair. It has little booths set up selling artsy things and foodie things. There is a parade and best of all there is FREE corn on the cobb. 

We try and get there early (one year we got there too late and almost missed the corn!) So this year we got there too early and were just walking around the booths and sat down to play bingo. It was 5 cards for a dollar. So Mom, Ben, and I played a few rounds. On the second round Ben won! On the third round I won! We walked away at that point because the corn had arrived!!

They bring in the corn by truck loads. They steam it before and then when the truck trailer pulls up you reach in and grab a couple ears and move over to the dumpster to shuck ’em. It’s hot! So you have to be careful but it’s so good! After you shuck the corn you move over to the line for the butter. They have the cute little old men from the lions club painting the melted butter from giant crock pots onto your corn. One swipe, twist, and a second swipe. Then you salt it. (no pepper). The next thing is to find a place to sit. They have some picnic tables set up in the area but that’s prime real-estate! This year we found a nice curb to sit on.

Oh this corn is so heavenly!!  It’s sweet and scrumptious! I don’t know the words to convey how delicious this corn is! 

The butter tent

The butter tent



Crowding around the truck

Crowding around the truck

I had to take one bite before I took a picture...

I had to take one bite before I took a picture…

Mom cutting the corn off Ben's cobb because he couldn't eat it with braces.

Mom cutting the corn off Ben’s cobb because he couldn’t eat it with braces.


Eaten… Delicious!

I don’t know why the pictures are a bit out of order… 


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