Let’s go paddle boarding!

Sunday I went paddle boarding with the Athleta girls! I have never been before but it sounded like fun! Definitely something I wanted to try. 

We went out to a lake about 10 minutes from my apartment, it was a beautiful night!! It had rained about a half hour before we were meeting and I was a bit bummed because we had been rained out a week before. But we got there and the weather was beautiful! The day was one of the hottest days of the year so it was rather refreshing to be in the water!

There were about six of us who hadn’t been before and about eight who had. Those of us who hadn’t gone stayed behind for about five minutes for a quick lesson while the others went out. The lesson was pretty simple. How tall your paddle should be, where the best place to stand is, how to get back on if you fall off, etc. 

After a few minutes we were off! There weren’t enough boards so some of us had to share. It was so much fun! We started on our knees and paddled out a ways then tried standing up! Taylor and I were able to stand up but it was quite wobbly 🙂 you can’t lock your knees when standing because it throws off your center of balance when you paddle. But we paddled out and turned around and paddled back a bit, turned around again and back out. 

There were only a few boats out on the lake and we had talked with a guy driving a jet ski to try to make waves for us. He was trying to get off the lake and put his jet ski on a trailer so he was going quite slow. However a pontoon going by made the tiniest of waves and our board happened to be angled just right to really feel the waves. Up and down and up and down. A little bit too much. Taylor lost her balance and I tried to regain mine but after she was off there wasn’t any hope for me. We both went in the lake but it was luckily so refreshing! And it wasn’t cool after we got back on the board either. We paddled around some more and had some fun. Then started heading back in. As we almost pull up to shore a few people are going out again so we went with them. We went almost all the way across the lake before turning around again. As we were on  our way in we could see lightening in the distance. The skyline was absolutely stunning! The sunset and then the lightening in the distance. I really really wish I would have gotten pictures but I left my phone in the car because umm lake water.

Hopefully some pictures will pop up on Facebook and I’ll update this post. 


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