I think this is such an amazing project. I adore reading and have always wanted to read the Bible in a story format, but have never been able to sit down and read the entire thing. The care and detail they want to go into is amazing. Share this project!



Linking Up

So I follow quite a few blogs (What I like reading okay?) And One of the blogs I have followed for a while happens to be a book blog. I know! Surprise, surprise. But Jamie over at The Perpetual Page-Turner writes great reviews! She is doing a link up for reading a series up to the new release. I hadn’t read the series before but it has been on my 18 mile long “to read” list. So finally did it!

The series is by Stephanie Perkins. I have already finished the first book and am well into the second. Clearly I’m an over achiever. Or do nothing over the weekend. But I love them! The books are super fun for summer and quick reads. 

Anna and the French Kiss- Check

Lola and the Boy Next Door- In progress

Isla and the Happily Ever After (being released)- On pre-order

Toodles for now.

Starting Again

Recently my friend Emily over at Married Emily’s Endeavors started blogging about her life to keep in touch with her family and friends all over the place. I’ve blogged before and thought that everyday life back home in the good ol’ US of A was not exciting but I find myself relaying stories to multiple people so decided that this would be a good way to share all in one place! 

I know what my friends and fam are thinking… All her blogs die… Slow painful deaths… (find proof herehere, oh and here) Hey now hey now! I’m really going to try this time! So watch me beat my blogging slumps! or tell me “I told you so” later. 

First post coming soon!

Teaser: I ran a 5k!