First 5k

Wait, what was that title? Reads title again… Yeah that’s right! I ran a 5k! I know! Who would have thought? Here’s how the craziness happened:

I work part-time at Athleta (amazing store and amazing people and amazing community) anywho… With that, they have perks and whatnot every now and then for events around town. Our store had a few free entries for the Esprit de She 5k that one of the other Athleta store in the area was sponsoring. (Following? Good!)  So I randomly put my name in thinking there’s no way I’ll actually get the free entry. Yep, of course I got it! So I was planning to “train” by, you know, actually running once or twice a week. But funny thing was that I was a nomad at that point in time. Traveling between home, work, my aunt and uncles, other work, and back, and forth. So obviously I had all this extra time and energy. Yeah “training” so did not happen. At all.

July 17th rolls right on up and smacks me in the forehead. Alrighty! It’s fine! I’ll just jog/walk. But no! I’m going to challenge myself and try to run/jog more than I walk! You can do it! And guess what!

I did! 

After the race they had a bunch of booths set up, like free mani’s and massages. Free turkey burger and salad. Oh and free wine. It was set up in a super cute downtown shopping area in Edina so it was fun to walk around a bit. They had shuttles to and from.

The whole event was amazing and so empowering! Such a great event for women all over! I am excited to sign up for another Esprit de She 5k in September!


And we’re off!


At the start line!


After the race with one of my Athleta girls!